Newest Auto Glass Trend: Gorilla Glass

It’s important to know the facts about Gorilla Glass before you decide if it’s the glass material you’d like for your vehicle.  Your car is one of the most important investments and it must be maintained.  In order to keep your car in tip-top shape, you have to make sure you’re choosing the best auto glass materials for it.

Gorilla glass is one of the highest quality materials used for auto glass. Its used for cell phones because it’s resistant to different kinds of scratches. Last year, the gorilla glass finally debuted as an auto glass material. As stated on their official website, “Gorilla Glass for Automotive has caught the attention of leading automakers and consumers alike—driving innovation to enable cleaner, safer and more connected cars.”

If you aren’t familiar with this kind of automotive glass material, here are some of the things you need to know about it.

Better Fuel Efficiency


Since Gorilla Glass imposes less weight on the vehicle, it’s connected with the fuel efficiency. Since the vehicle has better fuel efficiency, there are fewer carbon emissions. Through this, you’re building a cleaner and better environment.

Keeps Car Safer

When the car uses a lightweight designed auto glass, such as Gorilla Glass, it can improve the handling, braking performance, and acceleration of your car.

According to Gorilla Glass, “the features three times improved optical clarity, delivering clearer and brighter windows that are also equipped to enable a three times larger viewing area for next-generation Head-Up Displays, with dramatically brighter and sharper images”. This means you’ll be able to see outside of the car a lot better.

Stronger Glass Material


Gorilla Glass is two times more resistant to sharp and blunt stone than other conventional windows. This means there will be fewer cracks and chips that can eventually lead to windshield replacements.

Hiring a better auto glass shop is one of the main factors you need to consider when installing new materials in your vehicle. Before you choose Gorilla Glass, you need to ensure whether or not it suits your vehicle.  You also must know if the automotive company you’re working with is an expert in the industry. If you don’t work with experts, you might end up not getting all of the advantages of Gorilla Glass. They will help you in maintaining the quality of your investment. Let a professional fix the auto glass of your vehicle.


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