Top Reasons Windshields Crack

Cracked windshields – they’re an unfortunate part of life that every driver has to deal with. Most of us have had the experience of innocently coasting along then suddenly noticing a huge crack has formed on our windshield. This situation can put a real damper on your day and no matter how careful of a driver you are, sometimes you can’t control the outside forces that cause windshield cracks.

If you’re stumped as to how a mysterious crack made its way onto your windshield, worry not because in today’s blog we’re uncovering the top 7 reasons windshields crack.

Seven Causes of Windshield Cracks

Broken Windshield

1. Changing Temperatures

Temperature changes cause both the metal in the frame of your car and the windshield glass to expands and contract at different rates. Sudden fluctuations and extreme hot or cold temperatures can sometimes put so much stress on your windshield that it eventually cracks!

Even though temperature is not something you have control over, you can do things like slowly warming up your defroster and avoiding parking in direct sunlight to minimize the likelihood of damage occurring.

Heated seat and defrost

2. Gravel Roads

Not surprisingly, gravel roads pose a major threat to windshields. When you’re driving on these kind of roads, the gravel can fly all over the place and end up hitting your windshield.

Try to keep a significant amount of distance when you’re driving behind another vehicle and if possible, avoid unpaved roads altogether. Your navigation system might hate you for it but at least your windshield will be in one piece!

3. Hail

Hailstorms suck all around and the distinct ice pellets that come with them can do a real number on your windshield. When hail hits your windshield glass head on and with immense force, it’s unlikely that it’ll stay intact.

If you’re caught in a downpour, it’s best to get off the road and wait out the storm under some sort of shelter.


4. Poor Installation

Sometimes windshields are installed poorly and are doomed to crack from the start. When a windshield isn’t the proper fit for the frame of your vehicle or an old adhesive is left on, it can become a pretty serious safety issue. Driving at high speeds can cause the glass to move inside the frame, which means a crack is just waiting to happen.

Take the time to get your windshield replaced if you notice anything off about it. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

5. Pressure Changes

Pressure is another phenomenon that can make your windshield to crack. Pressure can cause a crack to occur when you’re driving at super high speeds, when something heavy is on the windshield, or when there’s high wind gusts that come out of nowhere.

Other than making a conscious choice to not place heavy objects up against your windshield, there’s not much you can do to prevent cracks from pressure from happening. Physics definitely isn’t your friend in this situation!

6. Construction

Construction can become even more of an annoyance than it already is when the debris from the road that’s being torn up ends up hitting your windshield. Driving behind a construction vehicle is also pretty dangerous since debris is prone to fly off of it at any second.

Keep a safe distance between you and construction vehicles and if you can avoid having to drive by a construction site, take that alternative route.


7. Accidents

Accidents just happen sometimes and if your car is parked out in the open, it’s susceptible to a whole host of things happening. From basketballs to Frisbees, to careless drivers on the road, there’s no telling which of these things will cause a crack to your windshield first.

Whenever the opportunity presents itself, opt to park in a garage – it’s much safer for your windshield and will give you some much-needed peace of mind!

Car crash

Hopefully, the cause of the crack on your window has officially been demystified. Now it’s time to fix that cracked windshield and Brampton Auto Glass is the place to go!

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