Types of Windshield Cracks Every Car Owners Must Know

You often forget that aside from the design and mechanical function of your car, the windshield is one of the car parts you need to give importance. If you are planning a vacation with your family, the first thing you are giddy to buy is the food and outfit. However, you forgot that you also need to look after your car.

If your seatbelt protects you and your family from danger, keep in mind that having cracks on your car’s windshield is more dangerous. Never fix it by yourself. If you do, you might end up worsening the problem. Below are the types of windshield cracks you need to be familiar with.

Bull’s eye

bull's eye
Image source: Replace My Windshield

This type of windshield crack is the one who is the most repairable. Once you saw a crack on your car’s glass, you need to act on it. Never wait until it starts to widen since instead of having it fixed, you might end up replacing the whole windshield. Take good care of the glass of your car to avoid acquiring other problems other than just a crack.

Combination Break

Smashed windscreen
Image source: The Wind Screen

When you noticed that the damage on your windshield is made up of more than one impact point, the glass might be experiencing combination break. In simple words, there is more than one damage happened in one glass. You are lucky enough if your car only needs repair, what if it needs replacement? Ask for an expert auto glass repair that will help you all throughout.

Stress Crack

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There are reasons why stress cracks occur. Unlike other windshields, this type of crack exist doesn’t exist because of physical things but due to these factors. When the temperature starts to have extreme changes. If you are going to clean your car since it turned to ice, never use hot water just to melt down the ice. Your car might end up getting stress crack.

Half Moon

Image source: Life Revelations

Have you seen the bull’s eye crack? If you haven’t seen it yet, if you will going to divide it into a half, you will be able to see a half-moon. Even though half moon won’t immediately crack, unlike the bull’s eye, it is still critical to have it repaired as soon as possible. The expert in auto glass repair can easily fix it.  

Being able to have a clearer view while you are traveling is essential. If you are on the road during the night, it will be difficult since you are driving a car with a cracked windshield. Always make sure to have your glass checked to ensure if there are problems that need immediate repair or replacement.

Never ignore the problems that you noticed in your car. You may think that it won’t hurt you since it’s only pea-sized, wait until the repairman tells you to have your whole windshield replaced. Glass repair will always be relevant to your car. If you ignore the damage, you are putting all your family at risk.

If you are seeking help from the experts, you don’t need to look further. Contact us and we will give you assistance in getting an auto glass repair in Brampton.

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