Everything You Need To Know About The Different Types Of Auto Glass

When you’re a car owner it’s important to know a thing or two about the design and function of your auto glass. This knowledge may actually help you save money. Nowadays, everything in the auto industry has been modernized from the designs you want for your car to the latest technology you want to install. You need to ensure that whatever you’re installing in your car works with your particular vehicle and you’re just installing it because you want it.

When discussing auto glass,  people usually only think about the windshield. You also need to consider the rear, side windows, and glass roof. If you want to have an auto glass replacement, here are the various auto glass designs you may want to be installed in your car.


Laminated glass is also known as sandwich glass.  It is created by pressing multiple layers of glass together with polyvinyl butyral (PVB) using pressure and heat. However, the problem with laminated glass is that it is not as strong as other glasses. However, 99% of ultraviolet light transmission can be blocked by this glass.


To give your car a stylish look,  use tinted glass, also known as privacy glass. Tinted glass is great because it prevents potential thieves from seeing the interior of your car. There are two types of tints: color stable and color-dyed tint with metal. Also, tinted glass is great for the summer because it prevents heat from getting inside the car.


This kind of auto glass is less known but among the other types,  but is one of the best.  This is because it can reduce noise.  Acoustic auto glass lessens the sounds coming from the engine, road surfaces, and other traffic sounds. You’ll have a quieter ride and be able to hear your passengers or the music you’re playing much better .


Bullet-resistant auto glass is mostly used by celebrities, politicians, and other popular people who need to ensure they’re safe in transit.  This is the most expensive auto glass but if you want to be protected, this is the best auto glass for you. It is used by armored vehicles.

Replacing the auto glass in your car is difficult especially if you can’t decide which type is best for you.  You should consider the style, function, and price but you must also think about the glass’ reliability,  quality, and longevity.

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In terms of securing the longevity of your auto glass, it is important that you hire the best auto glass installer.


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