Want to Have A Crystal Clear Auto Glass? Follow These Tips

It can be difficult to clean auto glass. There are a lot of things that you need to know as a car owner. First, never use a product just because everyone you know is using it. This is one of the most common mistakes that car owners make.


Listed below are some of the things you must avoid when it comes to cleaning your auto glass.

  • Never pour hot water directly on it. If you have cracks in the windshield, the water could make the damage worse.
  • If you are using equipment, you’ll need to be extra careful. Before you use tools, you must know how to properly use them to avoid causing further damage by improper damage.
  • Avoid using tools that are not intended to be used on your auto glass. Using objects with sharp edges can scratch the windshield. Be prepared! Always have a scraping tool intended for auto glass in your car at all times.

Now that you know the things you shouldn’t do, here are the ‘TO DOs’  for cleaning your auto glass.

Wipe it off with newspaper

wipe-it-off-with-newspaperAfter reading the paper,  don’t throw it away. This material is not only a source of information but also a cleaning tool.  The next two items can be used with newspaper to clean your auto glass.

Add some white vinegar

Never underestimate the power of white vinegar when it comes to cleaning. You can pour it into a clean, empty spray bottle to spray it directly on the windshield then wipe it out with the newspaper. Never use the glossy part of the newspaper because you might end up scratching your glass.

Using the rubbing alcohol

Unlike the vinegar method, you can pour the alcohol directly on your newspaper. Wipe your auto glass in a similar direction. You can wipe it from top to bottom or side to side. It can cause a crystal clear result.

Rub the stains with wipes

Image source: Manchester Evening News

Another trick to clean your auto glass is to wipe the stains with baby wipes. They contain cleaning ingredients which are not just great for babies, but also for your windshield. They are super handy to use, just pull out a baby wipe and rub the stains. Don’t to forget to keep a box of wipes on your car, so that you’re always ready to clean your windshield at any time.

Ask For Help From A Professional

car professional

The safest way to clean your auto glass is asking for help from an expert.  They know what’s best for your windshield or auto glass.   Auto glass experts know all about the types of windshield cracks so they can clean your vehicle without causing any damage. Never hesitate to ask the expert.


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