Windshield wipers

Common Problems with Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are a handy invention that has made driving in nearly all weather conditions possible. Whether it’s pouring rain, hailing, or there’s a bunch of snow coming down, your windshield wipers can handle all of the above. That being said, your windshield wipers don’t have super strength, and they can malfunction if they are not appropriately maintained.

When your windshields don’t work, it’s not only a nuisance – it is a serious safety hazard. Having a clear windshield is of utmost importance to safe driving. If you can’t see the road and other vehicles, you can’t have quick reaction times to what’s ahead.

There are many reasons why your windshield may not be working, and pinpointing the problem is absolutely necessary to safe driving. Here are the top 5 most common reasons your windshield wipers aren’t working.

Windshield wipers

Torn Wiper Blades

There is a direct correlation between your windshield wipers not working correctly and the condition of your wiper blades. Wiper blades have to be free of any tears or nicks to clean off your windshield properly. If your wiper blades aren’t in good condition, they can leave unwanted smears and streaks on your windshield, or they might even scratch your windshield glass if dirt gets trapped where the missing rubber was.

To prevent this from happening, regularly replace your wiper blades so that your visibility and windshield glass isn’t put at risk.

Ice or Snow Buildup

Anyone that’s endured one of Canada’s cold winters knows the struggle of their wipers being damaged under the weight of wet snow. Heavy snow needs to be regularly cleared off by a snow brush before you start operating your wipers. If too much snow builds up, the weight can cause your blades to bend, the wiper motor can get damaged, and the wiper arms can strip at the pivots or skip them altogether.

Invest in winter wiper blades if you live in an area that gets a lot of snowfall, and make sure to always clear the snow off your windshield before you head out.

ice windshield

Broken Wiper Controls

The wiper control mechanism that is used to control your wipers is typically the same one that also operates your headlights, high beams, and turn signals. It gets a lot of use, and sometimes this can result in a switch failure.

To figure out whether it really is your wiper control that is the problem, test whether your turn signals and headlights are working. If they aren’t, it’s more than likely that entire control is malfunctioning and you need to head to a mechanic ASAP.

broken windshield wiper

A Blown Fuse

Another common reason for windshield wipers not working is their fuse being blown out. Windshield wiper motors often blow out when they become overwhelmed, which results in power being prevented from reaching the wiper system.

If this happens to your windshield, inspect it for any obstructions. Heavy snow or the wiper blade being caught on something are often the culprits. If your windshield wipers still don’t work after removing potential offenders, take your windshield to be looked at by a professional.

Loose Wiper Pivot Nuts

A nut on a pivot connects windshield wiper arms to the wiper transmission. Both the pivot and the wiper arms are splined, though the pivots spine has a stud protruding and the wiper arms have a hole through the base. When the nut gets loose, the pivot will turn, but the wiper arm won’t wipe the windshield.

In this scenario your windshield wipers may not move at all, one might be working while the other stays put, or they both might move slightly (but not enough to wipe your windshield). You’ll need to head to your local mechanic to get this issue repaired.

Installing windshield wipers

There you have it, the top five most common reasons your windshield wipers may not be working. Hopefully, the mystery of your malfunctioning windshield wipers has now been solved. If your faulty wipers have also damaged your windshield, which is often the case, Brampton Auto Glass can fix that!

At Brampton Auto Glass, we have been providing top-of-the-line windshield replacement and windshield repair services for the past 15 years. We are so confident in our ability to repair and replace your windshield, we offer all our customers a lifetime warranty. Contact us today for a free quote on auto glass repair!



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