Replace or Repair: What Does Your Windshield Needs

While you are travelling with your family, you noticed a small crack or chip on your windshield. When you are deciding on whether you have your windshield replaced or repaired, you also need to take note of the following consideration. Size, location, and the depth of the damage are the three factors you need to examine to know what your windshield needs.

Asking for the help of the expert is vital to your decision. Replace and repair is two different things need to be done to your car’s windshield. Also, the cost of each service is not the same. Your car’s windshield needs to be checked to know the right way to fix it. Here are the ways to tell if the damage is replaceable or only needs some repair.

Size: Check the damage


Is it a crack or a chip? Knowing the difference between the two damage can help you in saving your money. You may be able to differentiate the breaks on your windshield with the help of your car mechanic. Here are some of the examples of the damages you need to know:

  • Ding
  • Edge Crack
  • Floater Crack
  • Bull’s Eye
  • Chip
  • Long Crack
  • Star BreakStone Break
  • Combination Break
  • Partial Bulls-Eye
  • Pit
  • Crack Chip
  • Half Moon

When you finally know the damage, you may be able to distinguish the kind of service your windshield should have. Having it repaired and replaced as soon as possible is vital in maintaining the quality of your car. Your windshield needs to be fixed to avoid unnecessary problems that will make you pay more.

Location: Know the crack


Apart from knowing the size, you need to find where the crack is situated. Driving with a cracked windshield can bring more damage to the car and can harm you. If the crack was too wide or if the chip gets too big to repair, you truly need the help of an expert. To assure safety, in any size of the crack, there’s a need to consult a qualified professional.

By assessing the breakage, you may be able to know where does the crack came. The location of the break can be the reason why there are other visible little cracks. Always refer to how the car mechanic assesses your car to have an idea of your windshield needs.

Depth: Amount of damage


One of the most crucial factors to determine the damage done to your car is the depth. Attempting to fix your car’s windshield will only bring more problem. This is the reason why before the crack gets bigger similar to a dollar bill, it’s time to have it repaired. Or else, you will end up replacing it which cost more than the double.

Consider hiring a professional in making sure that you have achieved your windshield needs. In protecting the frame and the roof of your car, you need to pay attention to the auto glass, too. Seek a consultation with your car mechanic the moment you saw a crack. It is better to prevent further damage than to spend your savings on it.

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