Brampton Auto Glass Warranty

Our Lifetime Warranty covers our customers agains all possible auto glass problems for the entire life of the vehicle. There is no higher quality auto glass warranty than the Brampton Auto Glass Lifetime Warranty against the following issues:

  • Workmanship: If your auto glass was not installed according to the manufacturer standards, Brampton Auto Glass will - at no additional cost - re-install the auto glass for as long as your vehicle is around.
  • Auto Glass Defects: If the auto glass provided by Brampton Auto Glass is defective in any way, Brampton Auto Glass will replace the auto glass at no additional cost.
  • Water Leaks: If you ever notice a water leak in your auto glass that Brampton Auto Glass serviced, please call us and we will repair it for as long your vehicle is around.
  • Air Leaks: If you notice air coming through your auto glass that was serviced by Brampton Auto Glass, please call us and we will fix the problem for as long as your vehicle is around.